About The Fringe

Glastonbury Fringe18-30th June (and as long as the music keeps on playing!)

The Fringe is the town’s invitation to the nation to sample the delights of the “real” Glastonbury.

Any other small rural market town would call it a festival – but in this town it’s business as usual. Glastonbury is a beehive of creative energy year-round. There’s always an eclectic mix of music, dance, drama, comedy, poetry, crafts, film and/or art events happening, featuring both local and imported talent.

In June, the town’s vibrant music and arts community does that little bit extra, adds in a few ‘surprises’, invites the odd famous ‘name’ – and calls it “Glastonbury Fringe”.

This annual grassroots initiative features a wide range of events – performances, gigs, workshops, classes, exhibitions – all organised and run independently by local venues, promoters and artists.

Fringe events will be happening 18-30th June all over town, in dozens of Glastonbury venues, large and small – as well as every afternoon under the Fringe marquee in town centre, by the Market Cross.

Check online at www.glastonbury-fringe.org.uk for updates, look for the turquoise bunting, banners & balloons around town – and we’ll see you at the opening event under the Fringe marquee on June 18th). (Wear turquoise!)

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