How to find Glastonbury

How to find Glastonbury
(the town, not the Festival)

Glastonbury is easy to find – it’s at the junction of the A39 and the A361, and signposted from the M5 and other major roads through Somerset.

You can also spot the town from 10-20 miles away, as it lies at the foot of Glastonbury Tor – arguably the most recognisable landmark in the nation!

Getting into Glastonbury can be a bit difficult on a couple of days a year, due to the volume of traffic headed past the town to Worthy Farm* during Festival week. In 2015, those particular days will be the 24th & 29th of June. Any other time it’s fine.

If you want to come to town during Festival week, don’t be put off by traffic diversion signs. Traffic is usually light, Glastonbury’s doors are open, and the welcome mat will be out. You don’t need a ticket, and you won’t need wellies!

*[Note: Worthy Farm, which has a Pyramid Stage and most years hosts a Festival (also called “Glastonbury”), is in a village called Pilton, about seven miles northeast of the actual Glastonbury.]