It’s almost Fringe time! This year you can let everyone know what you’ve seen or what you are going to do during Glastonbury Fringe by using our hashtag #Only1Glasto. You can tag your pictures on instagram, tag on twitter and facebook and then people following the Fringe can follow what you’ve been up to.

We’re encouraging all our events and promoters to use the hashtag and, it could be a great way for the whole Glastonbury Fringe community to share and comment on the Fringe.

We’ll be tweeting and posting and adding the hashtag to everything, so join the community and share your thoughts and experiences with the Fringe!

Here’s a quick Example:


Once you’ve tweeted or added a photo to instagram you’ll join the Fringe community and your content will be seen by anyone clicking the hashtag hyperlink or searching using the phrase #Only1Glasto.