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Performance opportunities every day of the Fringe

The Glastonbury FM Fringe stage

As with our previous years the team at Glastonbury FM will be bringing you the delights of the Glastonbury Fringe stage every day of Fringe 2017. Bob Lloyd at Glastonbury FM puts the schedules together and is the man to speak to about performing this year. You can get in touch with him using the form below or via email at

If you are unaware of the Fringe stage or it’s your first time at Glastonbury Fringe here’s a bit of a run down. In early incarnations of the Fringe it was known as the buskers stage and anyone could show up and play, completely acoustic and for as long as they liked. This ran into the need for a little control as there would be times when a lot of acts would show up together and often the most confident rather than the next in line got to play. A few years back Bob Lloyd got involved in the Fringe stage and took over the scheduling of each day to ensure there was adequate performer coverage and equal opportunity. Now he takes bookings in advance to deal with the demand!

What is performed on the Fringe Stage?

We have everything from spoken word to dance music on the Fringe stage! Generally it is guitars and vocals but as long as you bring your own instrument and any cables it might need we’ll be able to handle it. The best bet is to speak to Bob and arrange everything in advance. You also don’t want to miss the afternoon rave. Some people’s highlight of the fringe!


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