Perform at Glastonbury Fringe

Some Fringe venues are on the lookout for performers...

Perform at Glastonbury Fringe

Some local venues have been in touch and have said they still have some day and evening slots to fill for this year’s Glastonbury Fringe. If you would like to perform at Glastonbury Fringe in 2017 have a look through the venues below and get in touch with them directly. Here are a few tips for getting your act on in one of the venues:

  • Check out what’s on at the venue.
    • If you play acoustic guitar and the venue has mostly DJs, it might not be the right vibe for you. Similarly if you’re a musical act and the venue is doing comedy or seminars. Check out what they are already offering to make sure it’s a good fit.
  • Check out the venue
    • Your band “Incessant World Weeping” may be the greatest 8 piece hardcore death band on the planet but it’s unlikely a cafe is going to put you on their little stage while people are enjoying a vegan broccoli soup. You might want to look at the venues with the bigger rooms. Make sure what you do fits in the environment.
  • Be self contained
    • Have your own gear, understand promo and always be professional in your approach. Some of these venues have entertainment only during Glastonbury Fringe so won’t have a PA or sound man and will be looking to you to be as little hassle as possible. As ever the rule is be the one they all want to work with.

The Venues

The venues below have said they’d prefer acts to contact them in person rather than email/facebook/phone but if you can’t get in in person try phoning to make arrangements.

Keep an eye on our Facebook page for other venues that might need acts!